Few people would be smiling after losing $500,000, but hey, Kevin Hartdoes comedy for a living.

The Secret Life of Pets star is keeping a positive attitude after a burglar broke into his California home in early June, allegedly stealing half a million dollars' worth of jewelry, clothing and other expensive items. A few days after the incident occurred, Hart posted an Instagram of what turned out to be a stock photo of a guy in thief mode, captioning it, "We are on yo ass man...I'm about to show u the power of social media."

Hart explained to E! News that while the post was meant to be funny, he was still sending a message to the robber, who hasn't yet been caught.

"The good news is that whoever it is, they've seen the power of social media," Hart said. "It circulates, gets people talking, and that's all I wanted to do—get people talking."

Hart emphasized that while the robbery is unfortunate, the safety and well-being of his family is all that really matters.

"They're material items. If I let material items break me and my family that means I'm doing something wrong," Hart said. "Health is what I'm worried about; their wellness is what I'm worried about."

At the prospect of someone crossing his family, Hart quickly turned serious: "That's when you see the dark side," he promised.

Hart is in the middle of a busy summer, promoting two major film releases while simultaneously prepping for his upcoming August wedding to Eniko Parrish. He told E! that although he tried to stay out of the wedding process, he ultimately found himself "heavily involved."

The interview got a little TMI when Hart revealed that he and his Secret Life of Pets character have one weird thing in common: They've both had unhappy accidents when they couldn't make it to the bathroom in time. Well, you can't say that Hart isn't honest.

Let him explain all in the clip above, and you can catch Hart in The Secret Life of Pets, out July 8, and Central Intelligence, in theaters now.

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