Bringing your daughter to work has never been more glamorous.

As Paris Fashion Week continues throughout the city, Alessandra Ambrosio decided to have her daughter Anja tag along for the fashionable and fun event.

While walking in the Balmain Menswear Spring/Summer 2017 show Saturday afternoon, Alessandra allowed her growing child to sit in the very front row as mom did her thing.

"My little girl watching me for the first time with Uncle @matmazzafera," she wrote on Instagram with video of her daughter admiring all the looks. " #Balmain."

Anja got to see her mom work a rainbow stripe mini dress. She would quickly change her outfit into a black sheer gown with a touch of green on her belt.

Alessandra Ambrosio

Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho/WireImage

Although there were plenty of glamorous moments during the trip, the mother-daughter duo also got to have some fun in the City of Lights.

As seen on the supermodel's Snapchat, the pair would enjoy some fun mock photo shoots in the great outdoors. Followers also saw the pair enjoy some pool time in what appeared to be their hotel.

"Let's do this !!!! #EuroTour #onlygirls #motheranddaughter," Alessandra shared on Instagram when the trip was just getting started. "Mon ange."

While fans may think it was Anja that learned a few things on the trip, Alessandra recently admitted that her daughter continues to remind mom of what's important in life.

"Every day I learn something new from Anja, but her thoughtfulness is what I appreciate the most," she recently shared with Who What Wear. "This last Thanksgiving, she decided to compose a very precious email to all of her friends and family and tell them how thankful she is to have them in her life."

Alessandra Ambrosio


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