Gonna be taking it easy tonight on stage sprained my ankle playing ball smh all good still gonna crush

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Oh, Justin Bieber.

The singer hasn't had much luck in recent days when it comes to his physical well-being, and shortly after falling into a hole (yes, seriously), Biebs has found himself in another unfortunate situation.

Apparently, J.B. decided to have a pick-up game earlier today with some friends, but went too hard on the basketball court and injured his ankle ahead of his Cincinnati concert tonight. He took to Instagram shortly after it happened to share a not-very-pleasant view of the outcome, telling fans that he sprained his ankle and that he's going to "take it easy," but also reassured them not to worry because he's "still gonna crush it" at his show.

Last week, Bieber gave fans a scare during his concert in Saskatoon, Canada when he adjusted his pants, walked a few steps and proceeded to fall into a hole onstage. No one knew what had happened but heard a loud thunk when his body landed. He recovered quickly and soon hoisted himself up. Fans posted videos of the moment on Twitter and Instagram.

"Good thing I'm like a cat and landed on my feet," the 22-year-old Canadian singer told the crowd. "That scared the f--k outta me."

Ayiyi, be careful Biebs!

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