When you're remaking a movie, there's always a hesitation about referring to the source material for fear it might influence your own performance too much. For the young cast of Disney Channel's remake of Adventures in Babysitting, there was an even greater question at hand: Had any of them ever even heard of the '80s classic?

There's no denying that the cast members, whose ages range between 14 to 23, weren't even alive when the Elizabeth Shue-starring film was released in 1987 and, as they tell it, most of them hadn't seen a second of footage until they earned their part in the remake.

E! News caught up with stars Sabrina Carpenter, Sofia Carson, Max Gecowets, Nikki Hahn, and Kevin Quinn at the Disney Channel original movie's big premiere, where they revealed that their first experience with the original was much more 21st century than the film's creators ever imagined while making it almost 30 years ago. One word: Netflix.

Adventures in Babysitting

Disney Channel/Image Group LA

The remake marks a huge milestone for the Disney Channel, as it's the network's 100th original movie. Leading up to tonight's big premiere, Disney has been celebrating all the classic original movies that came before it (think Zenon, Smart House, and High School Musical) with a massive marathon, airing all 99 since kicking the celebration off this past Memorial Day weekend and giving us the nostalgia overload we so deserved.

Adventures in Babysitting also stars Mallory James Mahoney, Jet Jurgensmeyer, Madison Horcher, Gillian Vigman, Gabrielle Miller, Michael Northey, Ken Lawson, Max Lloyd-Jones, Kevin O'Grady, and Hugo Ateo.

Adventures in Babysitting premieres Friday, June 24 at 8 p.m. on Disney Channel.

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