Kristen Bell has a secret pastime we should all be aware of and copy…flipping through GoFundMe campaigns.

"I sometimes at night just randomly search through GoFundMe pages," the Bad Moms star exclusively tells E! News. "Flipping through GoFundMe pages is like my new sloth videos that I do late at night to make me happy."

Kristen ended up purchasing her holiday gifts from Sun Cedar, a nonprofit resource center and manufacturing organization employing those in transition, those with past felony convictions, recovering addicts and homeless people who are getting back on their feet.

Bell explains, "I found Sun Cedar because I loved that the cover of their page said, 'nothing will work unless you do.' I definitely believe in charity, but more so I believe in giving people a chance to help themselves because they're not just changing their external circumstance, they're changing their internal situation. When you can allow someone to help themselves it empowers them, and when you have an empowered human spirit then you feel not as limited. And I loved that this non-profit puts people to work."

Fast-forward to present day and Kristen Bell late-night peeping GoFundMe, where she once again came across Sun Cedar. They had recently launched a campaign in partnership with Ballard, another non-profit organization helping those in need. The campaign is looking to raise $75,000 in order to expand their center and offer more resources to provide training, counseling and job placement for Lawrence, Kan.'s at-risk community.

Kristen donated $10,000 to this campaign, explaining, "I felt like there weren't as many donations as I'd wanted to see, and often times when you have a larger donation you can send out another email saying 'closer to our goal' and I wanted them to have the ability to do that. And I also just believe in the organization."

To learn more about the work Sun Cedar is doing and to view their campaign, visit Sun Cedar at Penn House.

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