Chris Darden—author of the recently re-released book In Contempt and prosecutor in the O.J. Simpson trial—joined the ladies of The View on Thursday and discussed the infamous 1994 trial that has now made headlines again following the American Crime Story: People v. O.J. Simpson series (in which he was portrayed by Sterling K. Brown).

Earlier this month, one of Simpson's old friends said he believed the former football player would come forward and admit to the murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, but Darden believes Simpson has already confessed to it multiple times.

"I think the he's probably confessed it—whether he was awake or in his dreams—probably a million times since 1994," Darden told the panel of hosts. "I think he confessed it. I think he confessed it during the trial, and I think he confessed it in the L.A. County Jail, but we weren't allowed access to the conversation or the content of the confession."

When asked to clarify, Darden said, "We heard that he confessed during the trial. We heard that he confessed to Rosey Grier during the trial."

One of the biggest factors that lead the court to find Simpson innocent was a pair of gloves that were found as evidence at the scene. As you probably recall, the saying goes, "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit!"

Chris Darden, Sterling K. Brown, American Crime Story

Getty Images; FX

Darden joked that "22 years of therapy" was needed to overcome that moment.

Then, he added, on a more serious note, "A lot has been said about these gloves…But let me just say this, I'm a leader. This was my team, ultimately, in the end. I stood there with him. I let him put those gloves on, and why not? They're his gloves. There are pictures of him wearing those same gloves. His blood is in those gloves. The blood of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown are in those gloves. They're his gloves. The gloves fit him the same way they always did."

Essentially, Darden chalked it up to Simpson being a "better actor" than he thought he was, recalling the struggle the NFL star portrayed while trying the gloves on during the trial.

"I've heard so many theories of the swelling…I've heard so many excuses and reasons for it," Darden continued. "I gotta tell you, maybe I'm in denial...but when I look, the gloves fit."

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