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Whatever happened to the pre-prom dinner at Chili's in your tulle and glitter nightmare? Those were the good old days. Who are we kidding, though? This looks like a lot more fun than our entire prom ever was, and this is just an entrance. In this video posted to Facebook by dancer and model Floyd D Wimberly, you're about to see the most creative way to answer the door for your prom date ever. 

Not one, but two epic dancers put on a show to Beyoncé's "Formation," as the future prom queen's date waits patiently for his lady's arrival. Just like Beyoncé, the high-school student stood proudly as admirers took pics and cheered along.

Rude commenters are complaining that all she does is stand there after she comes out but you know what? Moving around was what her dancers were for, okay? Okay. Honestly, why didn't we have balloons, a banner and A RED CARPET when we got sent off to prom? Oh, that's right, our dress literally came from a store that was in a mall basement and our clutch was from Claire's. Not worthy. Prom entrances weren't even a thing in our day but apparently they're all the rage now. If you can't understand why the video above will tell you.

Oh, we forgot to mention that there was a smoke machine involved. As if the entrance needed any more life. 

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