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Just last week Kevin Hart had to go through the horror of having his house robbed, but it seems he's keeping his head up. 

Police confirmed to E! News that a robber stole watches, jewelry, clothing and other personal items from his Los Angeles home while the actor was in Miami. There is an ongoing investigation and police are reviewing outdoor surveillance footage to determine the culprit. But it seems Hart has found the solution!

The 36-year-old Central Intelligence star shared a photo of the person who allegedly robbed his house and asked his followers to try and identify the man. "Real smart move wearing the cool ski mask that shows ur eyebrows & the bags under ur eyes," the comedian caption the picture. "We are on yo ass man....I'm about to show u the power of social media....One of my followers might recognize u and might not like you which would mean that they could careless about giving u up....Lets play a game of tell on the robber real quick...who knows I might get lucky!!!!!" 

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Although there's nothing funny about Hart being robbed, he did somehow turn lemons into lemonade by turning the whole post into a joke. See, it turns out that the "robber" in the photo is nothing but a stock image! The picture was used on a TMZ story about a possible bling ring taking over Hollywood, which Hart in turn used for his own social media game. If you look closely, you can even see the shirts of Chris BrownRob Kardashian and Blac Chyna in the background.



Most of his followers didn't take the image too seriously, as they started calling out different celebrities that looked somewhat similar to the stock robber. Stephen Curry, Matt Damon and Justin Bieber are just a few of the A-listers who were name dropped in the comments section.

Hart might be dealing with the aftermath of being robbed, but at least he's maintaining his sense of humor.

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