Babysitting is no easy task.

And in Disney Channel's Adventures in Babysitting (available on DVD June 28), the stakes are even higher than they were in the 1987 original. "We had the adventure of a lifetime making this movie," Sofia Carson said on Good Morning America Wednesday. "It's just filled with so much genuine laughter, and comedy and unforgettable moments." Neither Carson nor her co-star Sabrina Carpenter was even born when Elizabeth Shue's film was hit theaters 29 years ago. "It's such a classic movie," Carson said. "The comedy's so timeless." Carpenter was in total agreement, saying, "Elizabeth Shue is like the ultimate babysitter. Everybody wanted to be her."

E! News has the first look at the film's bloopers, part of the DVD extras. "We had such a crazy fun time working on this movie," Carpenter said. "Sometimes it was hard to hold it together."

Adventures in Babysitting is Disney Channel's 100th Original Movie.

Adventures in Babysitting

Disney Channel/Ed Araquel

In the modern remake (directed by John Schultz and written by Tiffany Paulsen), Carson and Carpenter play rival babysitters tasked with watching two families' kids. When one child sneaks off, the girls must learn to work together before the child's parents find out. Carson plays the rebellious Lola Perez to Carpenter's straight-laced Jenny Parker. "I love Lola," Carson said. "I love that she's such a free spirit. She's so brave. She lives life by her own rules and isn't afraid to take risks." Carpenter, meanwhile, said Jenny could "sometimes" annoy her. "She's so uptight."

Adventures in Babysitting also stars Hugo Ateo as Hal Anderson, Max Gecowets as Trey Anderson, Nikki Hahn as Emily Cooper, Madison Horcher as AJ Anderson, Mallory James Mahoney as Katy Cooper, Jet Jurgensmeyer as Bobby Anderson, Ken Lawson as Scalper, Max Lloyd-Jones as Officer James, Gabrielle Miller as Donna Cooper, Michael Northey as Tiny, Kevin O'Grady as Barry Cooper, Kevin Quinn as Zac Chase and Gillian Vigman as Helen Anderson.

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