Don't mess with Jack Reacher.

The first trailer for Jack Reacher: Never Go Back was released Wednesday. It opens moments after Tom Cruise's character has taken down multiple men using his bare hands. Two police officers approach him in a diner—a big mistake. "Two things are gonna happen in the next 90 seconds," Jack warns them." First, that phone over there is going to ring. Second, you're going to be wearing these cuffs on your way to prison." They don't believe him until the phone rings.

Jack, even more badass than he was in the 2012 action thriller, then returns to Virginia to meet Major Susan Turner (Cobie Smolders), but she's M.I.A. He learns she has been arrested and charged with espionage; he is also being charged with a crime committed nearly 20 years ago.

And so, Jack sets off in search of the truth—and vengeance.

Later, as he's rescuing Susan, he fights off a man and makes a bold threat. "Maybe I rip your arm off and beat you to death with it," he says. When he finds Susan, she has some harrowing news. "My men were shot by one of our own," she tells Jack. "This is bigger than I imagined."

Jack Reacher Never Go Back, Tom Cruise

Paramount Pictures/Skydance Productions

Jack is all about justice, so Susan needn't worry for long. "You think you're above the law, but I'm not the law, so you should start running, because I'm going to start hunting," Jack tells one of their enemies during a threatening phone call. "And when I find you, I'm going to kill you all."

Directed by Edward Zwick, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back is based on author Lee Child's 18th book in the bestselling Jack Reacher series. Richard Wenk, Marshall Herskovitz and Zwick wrote the script. In addition to Cruise and Smolders, movie also stars Austin Hebert, Patrick Heusinger, Aldis Hodge, Robert Knepper, Holt McCallany, Billy Slaughter and Danika Yarosh.

Paramount Pictures' Jack Reacher: Never Go Back is in theaters Oct. 21.

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