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The drama sure is getting juicy in Orange County.

As the Real Housewives of Orange County kicked off a brand-new season Monday night, tension was building on social media surrounding cast members Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge.

While initial previews didn't show major tension between the two—no wine tosses or verbal smack downs at least—fans quickly learned on Twitter that the Bravolebrities aren't seeing eye-to-eye on many issues today.

After Vicki sat down with E! News' Melanie Bromley to discuss her co-stars, Tamra read the interview and wasn't exactly impressed with her so-called friend's remarks.

"Say what, I'm to blame? You got the wrong HW," the Cut Fitness owner wrote on Twitter. "All I did was try to help you.  What a crock of crap. deflection!"

Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge, Real Housewives of Orange County


"Get real!  I'm not out to smear @TamraBarney," Vicki later tweeted. "In fact, I've been saying all day how much I love all the girls.  #EndIt"

Tamra fired back by stating, "@VGunvalson not what I've read. #E Im confused cuz I was nothing but nice all season." Sounds like we're off to another friendly start, right? Yah, not so much.

The war-of-words on social media quickly got us thinking of all the ups and downs these two have shared on the small screen ever since Tamra joined the show back in 2007. While we'll have to watch what happens throughout season 11, something tells us this summer is going to be one wild ride.

Season 3  

Remember the good ole days when the ladies got along and viewers were still trying to grasp the idea of Botox and breast implants? While Vicki had plenty of experience in front of the cameras, Tamra was just getting used to things with her co-stars. Instead of causing serious drama, she was focused on being the "Hottest Housewife of Orange County."

Season 4

From the very beginning, Tamra didn't take a liking to newbie Gretchen Rossi. It certainly didn't help when she went to Bass Like while her fiancé was battling cancer. Ultimately, Vicki wasn't a fan of the new girl either making one powerful duo. It ultimately culminated with a dinner party at Tamra's Ladera Ranch home where she tried to get Gretchen "naked wasted." Can't we just leave the alcohol in Lake Havasua?

Season 5

Bring in the husbands! As Tamra and her now ex-husband Simon Barney began having marital problems, Vicki took an interest in her friend's personal struggles. As a result, Simon didn't approve leaving a few verbal smack downs on TV.  "You're like Vicki. You talk to me like I'm Donn and I'm sick of it," Simon said. Tamra responded, "You're a nasty, vile person ... I want a divorce! F--k you!"

Season 6

It's time to whoop it up! A newly single Tamra was totally good with Vicki as they traveled to Cabo San Lucas for a weekend of sunbathing, girl talk and tequila shots. After returning home, Tamra was struggling both in court with her estranged husband and in the neighborhood with co-star Jeana Keough. Tamra would later throw wine at Jeana's face at Vicki's home. As for whose side Vicki took: Let's just say Tamra stayed at the party and Jeana went home.

Season 7

Time for Brooks Ayers to enter the picture. From the beginning, Tamra was skeptical of Vicki's new boyfriend. After all, not even her own daughter Brianna was supportive of the relationship. When it was time for the finale party, Tamra confronted Brooks over his "evil eye." What came next was one of the most epic fights of the series. "You're supposed to be my friend no matter what. You don't talk that way to me or him. You're supposed to be my friend!" Vicki shouted. "My friend, my soul mate, my sister. That means you have respect for the man I love…Everyone's always scared of you. I'm not scared of you."

Season 8

Things started off more than rocky as Tamra began planning her wedding to Eddie Judge. Instead of Vicki being the bachelorette party planner, Tamra's former enemy Gretchen was able to take control. What was supposed to be a drama-free trip, however, quickly turned into the perfect opportunity for Vicki to become friends again with her co-star. After a trip to Andales, let's just say G was out and V was in!

Season 9

Just when we thought the season was going to be all about Shannon Beador and David Beador's marital problems, Vicki found out Tamra was talking bad about Brooks again. As the cast headed to Bali, Tamra was ambushed by almost all of the ladies. If she thought Vicki would have her back, she was sadly mistaken. Things got ugly at the reunion when both ladies said their peace. "You sat back and you did nothing this year. You sat back, act nice to my face, you text me the entire time we are filming and the entire time you were mean behind my back," Tamra explained. "I'm hurt." Vicki added, "You're supposed to be getting better but you just get bitter and bitter and bitter."

Season 10

While Tamra and Vicki started off the season on fairly good terms, a psychic turned things upside down when he speculated that Brooks may not have cancer. While Tamra tried to remain loyal to her friend—after all, she was the only one to receive "medical records" from them—the facts ultimately didn't add up. At the end of the season, it was Vicki vs. everyone else. And when the truth was revealed that Brooks was fibbing, Tamra got her vindication.

Real Housewives of Orange County airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. only on Bravo.

(E! and Bravo are part of the NBCUniversal family)

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