Kermit sipping tea


Apparently someone's dad runs the Twitter account over at Good Morning America because they just broke the Internet with one of their recent tweets. By now you know all about the new #CryingLeBron meme that blew up after his big win over the weekend. In an effort to compare it to other great memes of our generation, GMA tweeted the masterpiece below. Let us point out what the Internet has been laughing at all morning. First and foremost, there is no one here by the name of "Tea Lizard," thank you very much.

His name is Kermit the Frog, and that should very well be everybody's business. Second, what is a '#smockin' and has this meme (bottom right) ever been used by the human race at any time in recent history? There's no question Crying LeBron joins epic memes like Crying Jordan and the like, but if you're going to make that comparison, maybe hire someone who has actually used the Internet (and maybe memes too?!) before. Please chuckle your way through this day as you read Twitters wonderful response to this concerning situation.  

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