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Goodbye Ear Boy, hello Ab Man!

Josh Server, your childhood crush from All That, Goodburger and a variety of other Nickelodeon kids' sketch shows is all grown up, and would you look at those abs? The now 37-year-old actor Instagrammed a photo of his chiseled torso yesterday, and although the pectorals weren't meant to be the focus of the shot, they definitely grabbed our attention.

Clearly Josh has been hitting the gym in recent years. He took a brief break from Hollywood , making occasional appearances on teen-friendly shows like Drake & Josh and Sam & Cat, but he couldn't stay away from the game for long.

Josh Server, All That


"I've been finding my way back to it in smaller doses the last couple of years, but recently I've really made a commitment to go all out and really start doing it a high level and things are really starting to happen," he told Bustle back in 2013.

These days, Josh is busy with work across multiple genres, but he can still appreciate his All That beginnings. "I've lost touch with some and I have even closer friendships with others but for the most part everyone's been real cool and we get together and we have fun," he said. "As we get together and we talk, I want you to understand that we're all really grateful ... [the continued attention] makes us feel like we were a part of something really special."

And not to worry, Josh hasn't forgotten about one of our favorite character he played. "I joke all the time that Earboy is going to be with me forever no matter what," he told Bustle, "and I guess there are worse things in life." 

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