Long before we were shaking it off and swearing we were never ever getting back together, there was one person who always reminded us of Taylor Swift.

Does the one and only "Tim McGraw" ring a bell for anyone?!

It's hard to believe, but today marks the 10-year anniversary since Taylor's first single hit the radio airwaves and kicked off a career that would include Grammy awards, sold-out world tours and one powerful girl squad.

But before all of her wildest dreams could come true, the singer needed a hit and she got it with the unforgettable track.

With help from Liz Rose, the duo helped create the catchy lyrics that were first inspired during a math class where Taylor began to think of her boyfriend who was going off to college. As he traveled away, the singer-songwriter hoped he would remember her every time a ballad from Tim played out loud.

Taylor Swift, Ten Years Anniversary of Tim McGraw

Steve Exum/LP5 Getty Images for TAS/ Vevo

"The first time we wrote, I walked out and said, ‘I don't know what I was doing there,'" Liz recalled to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch when praising the singer. "She really didn't need me."

"It was reminiscent, and it was thinking about a relationship you had and then lost," Taylor later told Entertainment Weekly. "I think one of the most powerful human emotions is what should have been and wasn't…That was a really good song to start out on, just because a lot of people can relate to wanting what you can't have."

As the song quickly received radio airplay and attention from music listeners, Taylor was given the opportunity to perform the song at the Academy of Country Music Awards in front of more than a few A-list performers.

Two in particular were Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. "Hi, I'm Taylor," she told the couple after her live performance in Nashville.

"Tim McGraw" ultimately went platinum and landed in the Top 10 on the Billboard chart. More hit singles and albums followed and as you likely could guess, no introduction is needed when it comes to this music superstar today.

Happy anniversary, Taylor!

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