Lisa Vanderpump

Courtesy of The Vanderpump Dog Foundation

Lisa Vanderpump can take her share of drama on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. But when it comes to mistreatment of dogs around the world, she just won't stand for it!

For more than a year, the Bravo star and her husband Ken Todd have dedicated their free time to helping pets in need.

While their charity known as the Vanderpump Dog Foundation has helped many deserving animals, the couple is now focused on putting an end to the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.

Lisa recently teamed up with Leona Lewis and Diane Warren to create a song titled "Home" that will be used to highlight the ongoing mistreatment of dogs at the festival.

"I do believe that if we turn away, ultimately we are condoning whatever is going on because we are doing nothing to stop it," Lisa recently shared to Motto when asked to describe a cause important to her. "We all have an obligation to do something and be constructive." 

The businesswoman added, "I learned the importance of compassion early on. My social activism is driven by that compassion: When I see people struggling, when I see people who are misunderstood, I want to do something."

Before the festival begins Tuesday, find out how you can help by visiting Lisa's website here.

Warning: The images in the video below may be upsetting or disturbing to some.

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