ESC: Fad or Function

True life: We're addicted to beauty products. 

There are so many beauty products out there these days that deciphering what you actually need is a challenge of epic proportions. If the struggle is as real for you as it is for us, allow us to introduce you to our fad or function series where we test out new, noteworthy products to help you decide what's really worth it. Exciting, no?

First up: brow highlighter. If anyone is going spend on a brow product you didn't know you needed, it's me. I spend fifty bucks a month just to shape mine and that alone is a pretty big commitment. So when it comes to keeping my eyebrows looking their best, I'm willing to shell out. This brings me to my next point. 

When I saw that Benefit Cosmetics came out with 3D BROWtones, I was intrigued. The product promises instant color highlights, kind of like babylights for my brows. Quite frankly, I get it: If the hair on my head needs a touch of dimension, wouldn't my bold brows profit from the same kind of attention?

Is brow highlighter an every-girl product? Probably not. But for the brow-obsessed, here is my review.

The Packaging: In true Benefit fashion, the packaging was extra cute. A picture of the mess-proof brush promised an even application and the before and after images demonstrated the subtle difference between dull, flat brows and glow-y highlighted ones. Charmed, I was.

The Product: Now to be fair, the package does say "subtle brow-enhancing highlights" so it makes sense that I was expecting the formula to be a shimmery white like a traditional face highlighter. However, what came out of the shiny silver tube (which was so pretty I just had to Snapchat it) was much darker than I envisioned. Think: A dark bronze with a highlighter-like sheen.

The Application: The rubber wand is top notch. Especially if you have thick brows like me, it perfectly combs them out and effortlessly adheres the product to the hair. Surprisingly one swipe of the deep pigment didn't seem to do much. Anxiously awaiting the results, I kept packing it on since the package instructed me to "build color as desired." I think I applied about 5 strokes before I noticed a difference.

The Review: I understand the thought behind the product. It actually did define my brows, thickening the texture when it was all said and done. It also groomed them nicely into place with little effort, which I can appreciate. Would I say that my brows look softer? No. They definitely looked bolder to me. As for the promise of a highlight? It was indeed subtle. The metallic glimmer was barely-there and it wasn't until the light caught it that I noticed the impact. Even with little eye makeup on a glistening brow gave my eye an instant lift.

Fad or Function: Probably a fad. It's definitely not a necessary product, nor something I would use daily, but if you consider yourself to be a makeup fanatic, this one's fun to add into the mix. I can definitely see myself pulling this out if I know I'm going to be photographed—the slight shimmer will surely pick up on camera.

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