McDonald's Restaurant

Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

As if liquefied kale wasn't bad enough, someone had to go and juice McDonald's. We're a little over the juicing trend in general, so maybe this will put an end to the fad once and for all? In a YouTube video titled Junk Juice 1, we see what it looks like to juice a pile of burgers, fries and soda. We warn you; it can never be unseen. The worst part is the ending, but we won't spoil that for you. Just trust us, you'll want to have a trash bag near. Anyway, if you've always wanted to break your fast food addiction, this is the way to do it. 

Also the fact that this video is titled number one makes us cry because we assume that means there are more to come. What's next? Burger King Smoothies? Dairy Queen Blizzard burgers? We honestly don't even know what's more disgusting than what you just witnessed. 

The first red flag should have been the name of the YouTube channel in general, Bad Things for Bad People. Let this be a lesson to health nuts everywhere; just because you can juice it, doesn't mean you should. 

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