It's hard to believe someone as hunky as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson can stumble over his words around the ladies, but thanks to Jimmy Fallon, we now have the visual proof that he's not always a smooth talker. 

The Baywatch actor joined the late-night host for a hilarious sketch centered around the signature "Ermahgerd" accent. The awkward duo arrived at prom as a pair of confident hunks—until they were immediately disarmed by the ladies around them. 

Dressed in pastel tuxedos with voluminous locks, bowties and even a pair of braces for Johnson, the men took turns approaching women at the classic prom punch table. However, within seconds they struck outwith their incoherent "Ermahgerd" accent , which chased the gals away. 

However, the guys gave it their best effort, even turning to the ever-trendy Beyoncé and her newest album Lemonade to conjure up some interest. #LEHRMERNERD

Still, not even a mention of the Grammy winner could help them win the women's hearts. Instead, the night only got more awkward when, after being asked to dance, Johnson admitted he had just gotten an erection. Nick Jonas may have some advice on how to handle that kind of situation. 

Not to fret—the duo didn't need dates to the make the night one to remember forever. They hit the dance floor to groove together and then finished off the night with a classic promo photo in each other's arms.

Happy "Prerm" 2016! 

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