Facebook Messenger Hidden Soccer Game


Remember that adorable hidden basketball game Facebook Messenger got you excited about a while back? If that wasn't your sport of choice, they've just unleashed a secret soccer game in honor of Euro 2016 & Copa America. If you haven't caught the update on your own phone (as you need to download the latest Messenger App version first), take a look at the example below, from Facebook's David Marcus. Mashable also notes you start the game by sending a soccer emoji in your message and tapping it.

Soon you'll be competing for the high score and wasting all of your precious time at work, school and the dinner table. We haven't tried it yet (our phone is acting up, we promise), but we know it's something with which we are going to become obsessed. From the looks of that demo, it looks slightly more infuriating than the basketball game which literally we swear our high score was -500. Just kidding but sort of not really at all. 

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