Seth Meyers is putting his foot down about Donald Trump—though there is a minor catch. 

In response to recent news that the Republican presidential contender barred the Washington Post from his campaign events after publishing a headline he claimed was inaccurate, the late-night host announced that Trump was no longer permitted to come on the show until the situation is rectified. 

"Trump is stoking fear and spreading hate," Meyers explained Tuesday night. "We cannot allow it to become normalized."

As the decision made headlines, Trump responded, claiming it was Meyers who wanted the candidate on the show to begin with. 

"He has begged me to do the show for the last two years. I have told him emphatically ‘no,'" Trump said in a statement released by his campaign. "I only like doing shows with good ratings, which as everybody knows, I only make better (by a lot)."

It was a point Meyers couldn't ignore when he took his seat for the next show Wednesday night. 

Seth Meyers, Donald Trump

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"In the wake of Donald Trump pulling the press credentials of the Washington Post, I announced here last night that until he rectified that situation, he was banned from appearing on this show," Meyers explained while seated at his desk. "We instituted this ban despite the fact that hes never been here or asked to be here or would ever be caught dead here."

As a longtime comedian, the former SNL cast member couldn't help but poke fun at his show's decision. "I just think that takes an amazing amount of courage on our part," he quipped. 

Meyers followed up with a message to the presidential hopeful himself. "Ball is in your court, Donald," he declared while looking into the camera. "Either rescind your Washington Post ban or you're not allowed to appear on a show that you have no interest in appearing on. Although, maybe now that you can't have it, you're changing your mind."

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