Lindsay Lohan, Samantha Ronson

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Despite looking fab in photo ops, it seems like maybe it wasn't such a happy New Year for Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson, who reportedly ended up trashing a hotel room,  engaging in fisticuffs and shouting at each other in a dirty alley (while a bum munched a sandwich nearby).

According to a report by the New York Post's Page Six column, the crappy New Year got started with an argument while the duo was partying with family at Set in Miami. Round two "went nuclear" with another screaming match at Mansion, which spilled out into an alley behind the club, where the aforementioned hobo witnessed Lindsay explaining/shouting at Samantha how this whole pitching-a-fit thing works: "When I storm off, you are supposed to follow me!"

Further discussions erupted later at their hotel room where several sources heard crashing and screaming. The fight reportedly spilled into the hallway at about 11 a.m. where a spy said, "They were punching each other—it was bad. And they were doing this in front of all of us. It was scary."

Page Six reports that at one point, Lohan dropped to her knees and cried, "Why are you doing this to me?" And Sam just said, "I don't know you."

Reportedly still feisty hours later, Lohan and Ronson boarded a flight back to L.A. together, but "Lohan was said to be such a mess before takeoff that flight attendants asked her if she'd like to disembark. She refused."

Lohan's rep reportedly told the paper that, "There was an argument—I don't know the details—but they left for LA together and it's fine."

Yeah, sounds fine to us. How 'bout you? Take our poll below to let us know who you think came out on top in this titanic tussle.

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