Father of the Bride House

Courtesy Zillow

Don't even try to pretend like you didn't daydream about living in this house as a child.

We all know and love the Father of the Bride movies for so many reasons. For George Banks (a.k.a. Steve Martin's) obnoxiously adorable neurosis. For Annie Banks' kick-ass wedding sneakers. For Nina Banks' amazing mom skills. For Ohhhh hello! That's five months!

But mostly, we loved that house. As in, really loved it. 24 Maple Drive was everything we all wanted in a childhood home—and often pretended that we actually had. The green shutters, the tree where they carved their initials, the basketball court where you could solve all of life's problems...it was all pure magic. And now, it could be ours. Really, any of ours!

That's because the real-life home that served as the filming location for the Banks family abode is now for sale. It turns out it's a full-on mansion out in Alhambra, Calif., and it happens to be the place where they shot the wedding and backyard scenes. (FOTB loyalists will already know that front exterior shots came from a separate house in Pasadena.) 

For a very reasonable (or not, whatever) $2 million, this clapboard beauty could be your next house. It's being listed on Zillow in all its clapboard goodness, and it boasts all the Father of the Bride-y qualities you'd expect, like shutters and a formal entry and pillars and a tree-lined street and, yes, a basketball court in the back.

It's still TBD whether the Banks family initials come carved in the tree or whether you'll see apparitions of young Annie learning to shoot hoops, but it seems like a good investment nonetheless.

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