Goodbye, Carpool Karaoke. Hello, Bottom Gear.

Fresh off the heels of a shirtless car jam sesh with Red Hot Chili Peppers, James Corden parked his SUV and decided to go for a little ride (pun intended) on a small bike Tuesday evening. He and guest Matt LeBlanc, who is also the host of Top Gear, raced against each other in a hilarious segment called Bottom Gear.

Filmed inside the halls of CBS studios, the funny segment featured the British late-night talk show host and Friends alum pedaling (read: stumbling with their feet Flinstones style) through cardboard brick walls, speed bumps and more. At one point audience members lining the hallways even got to spray the stars with silly string.

James Corden, Matt LeBlanc, Late Late Show


"I do love a good race," LeBlanc said shortly before speeding down the "track."

Screaming, shouting and shoving throughout the entire course, both LeBlanc and Corden had to maneuver through the toughest of obstacles and small spaces. Their oversized statures in comparison to their tiny wheels didn't help much, either!

Unfortunately for the Tony Awards host, LeBlanc won the race. Sadly, he didn't turn to Corden and ask, "How you doin?" To be fair, LeBlanc admitted he has a racetrack in his backyard, so it's safe to assume he's had some practice racing. That being said, we doubt he's had to race facing tough obstacles such as popcorn and humans.

Now where can we get our hands on that GoPro footage?

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