Kevin James Loibl

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Christina Grimmie's tragic death is still sinking in for family, friends and fans.

The singer's life was ended senselessly on Saturday when alleged gunman Kevin James Loibl shot and killed Christina outside the Plaza Live Theater in Orlando. Marcus Grimmie, Christina's brother and bandmate, heroically tackled the shooter to the ground; Loibl, 27, then fatally turned the gun on himself. Loibl died before having to face the consequences of his horrific action Saturday, but as E! News has learned, this would not have been his first run-in with police.

According to court documents from the St. Petersburg, Fla., Police Department, Loibl was accused of aggravated battery against his father's fiancée in the summer of 2012. The victim placed a call to authorities on July 9, 2012, and alleged that approximately 10 days earlier Loibl had broken her wrist by closing it in a door following a verbal argument. Per the police report, the "very intoxicated and uncooperative" victim could not advise if Loibl intentionally caused her injury or whether it was accidental. Loibl told the officer he did not realize the victim's arm was in the doorway following their prior verbal argument, and said he did not intentionally break Dawn's wrist.

Christina Grimmie

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The officer asked the victim to remove the brace from her wrist so that a technician could take photographs. Per the police report, the officer "did not observe any visible bruising" on the victim's wrist. The officer "was unable to determine Probable Cause" based on the parties statements', and there were no witnesses to the incident, the documents state. As a result, the officer provided the victim with a business card including the report number for her reference and took no further action in the situation.

According to a TMZ report, a note was placed on the door of the Loibl family home following Grimmie's death which read: "Deepest sorrow for lost (sic) to the family, friends & fans of the very talented, loving Christina Grimmie - No other commets (sic)"

We will continue to keep Grimmie and her loved ones in our thoughts and prayers.

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