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The Good Wife worlds collided and there is photographic proof thanks to Cush Jumbo. Jumbo, who joined the CBS series for its final season as Lucca Quinn, met Josh Charles, the dearly departed Will Gardner, and of course shared the moment with the legions of fans on Twitter.

"When Lucca met Will... #thegoodwife @TheGoodWife_CBS," she tweeted with the below photo. Predictably, fans had a strong reaction.

Now fans of The Good Wife knows Jumbo counts herself within their ranks. She never worked with Charles, who left the show in season five after his character was killed off, but returned for the final episode and had scenes with just series star Julianna Margulies.

"I was actually a big fan of the show...I'm not someone who gets to follow a lot of TV because of the work I do, but it was something that I'd watched since episode one of season one back in England because it started when I was in drama school. It was very good hangover TV and you just kind of get sucked into it and that's it, you're watching it," Jumbo told E! News before she made her big debut. "I've ended up on something where I know all the sets, all the characters, all the backstories, all the lamps, all the offices."

Cush Jumbo, Josh Charles, The Good Wife


She's such a fan that she was star-struck during her first few weeks on set, she admitted.

"I was completely star-struck by everything and it was embarrassing and all the crew kept laughing at me. I'd walk on somewhere and go, 'We're in Alicia's front room!' And they'd be like, 'You're so hilarious.' And I'd be like, 'Oh look, there's the lamp!' or 'There's the table!'… It took me a couple of weeks to calm down and stop being so embarrassing," she told us.

During one of the final episodes of the series featured walls in the law firm being torn down, and it was something that made Jumbo more than a little emotional. "They were sledgehammering some walls in the law firm...I did get quite upset and cry in the middle of the scene because I'm a fan of the show," Jumbo told us on set of the penultimate episode. "A lot of stuff has happened with those walls and in that room, so I was very torn between professionalism and complete fangirldom."

She may have to give that wall back. Jumbo will star in The Good Wife spinoff alongside Christine Baranski. The first episode will air on CBS in 2017 before moving to CBS All Access, the network's streaming service.

Now, start writing your fan-fiction about Lucca Quinn and Will Gardner's interactions had they met on the show.

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