Slip and Flip will be your new favorite summertime drinking game.

Jimmy Fallon invited Liam Hemsworth to play the updated version of Flip Cup Monday night while on The Tonight Show. Instead of playing regular Flip Cup, where opponents have to drink full cups of beer (or whatever liquid you choose) and then flip them with one hand, Fallon decided to change it up by including a Slip 'N Slide.

Dressed in red and blue jumpsuits, protective goggles and helmets, Jimmy and Liam had to slide back and forth "drinking and flipping" all of their cups. Unsurprisingly, it became a hot mess pretty much immediately! Each star had to slide back and forth between two tables, but eventually they became so soaked in soap sudsy water that flipping the cups became nearly impossible.

"I'm getting too drunk!" Hemsworth declared once he started losing to the Saturday Night Live alum.

Jimmy Fallon, Liam Hemsworth, The Tonight Show


But he wouldn't struggle for long—the Independence Day: Resurgence star quickly regained his slippery footing and defeated Fallon. Watch the video to see the ridiculous fun ensue.

Liam's victory might not come as a surprise after talking to Fallon, as he revealed as a young kid growing up in Australia he was quite the devious child. In fact, he revealed his uncles used to call him Triple Six. "The Devil's number," he elaborated.

"They said that they tried to exorcise me at one point, but it didn't work. 'You're too far gone'," he recalled them saying. "'We can't help you'."

Having outgrown his childhood craziness, Liam admitted that now he's helping his nieces and nephews become new Triple Sixes. "We just let them go crazy," Liam dished on letting his brothers' kids run wild.

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