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Is there romance in the air for one of the Pretty Little Liars?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lindsey Shaw, who played Emily's girlfriend Paige for four years on the Freeform hit, is headed back to Rosewood for a new arc in the upcoming seventh season of the show. She'll first appear in episode eight.

This is the first time we've seen Paige since she and Emily (Shay Mitchell) broke up and Paige moved to California to escape the evil antics of A. And there's hope for the two women to rekindle their spark, considering Emily is currently single.

Pretty Little Liars


First, however, Emily and the other Liars will have to race against the clock to save Hanna (Ashley Benson), who was kidnapped by Uber A in the season six finale. Benson didn't stress when she found out about Hanna's potentially bleak fate, showrunner Marlene King told us. In fact, she "loved" the twist.

"They all want to be dragged through the mud, they all love that stuff," she told us. "They're not big on happy endings, those Liars!"

No matter what happens to Hanna, you haven't seen the last of Benson on this show. "Well, even when people are dead they still stay on our show. So that's what I will say," King said. "Look at Andrea Parker! And Alison DiLaurentis! It's always been our goal, no one is safe from 'A' and no one is safe from being 'A.'"

Pretty Little Liars premieres Tuesday, June 21 at 8 p.m. on Freeform.

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