Dustin Diamond, Mug Shot

Ozaukee County Sheriff's Office

Following his arrest for violating probation back in May, E! News can confirm that Dustin Diamond was taken into custody after failing a drug test.

According to TMZ, who first obtained the court documents, the Saved By the Bell actor tested positive for Oxycodone during a test that was administered shortly before the arrest.

Diamond then told his parole officer that he had taken a "painkiller" to help relieve the effects of a toothache, and admitted that he was unaware of what he had specifically taken.

Two days after being taken into custody, Diamond was released and has since told his parole officer that he has "cleaned out" his medicine cabinet.

Diamond was released from jail earlier this spring after he was sentenced to serve four months in an Ozaukee County Jail back in January for a disorderly conduct conviction.

At the time, the 39-year-old was accused of stabbing a man at a local bar after his fiancée, Amanda Schutz, 27, got involved in an altercation with a woman who was allegedly harassing her and the actor. Diamond was sentenced to four months in prison and 15 months of probation.

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