ESC: Hair Thickening Products

Let's clear up a common misconception: Celebrity hair is not always that naturally luscious and full.

Even the stars with beautiful, bouncy tresses like Blake Lively or Chrissy Teigen get a little help from a bottle…or at least a teasing comb. Whether you have fine, thick or thinning strands, you don't need secrets to get Gretchen Wieners-status hair—just the right products.

If your locks are feeling a little sad these days, perk—or shall we say, plump—them right up with thickening hair products. Slightly different than their volumizing cousins, thickening hair care often contains polymers or fibers that latch on to your silky stands, creating texture and the illusion of thicker locks. The end result? Fuller hair on par with any celeb or mean girl.  

For our favorite picks for any hair type, but especially for limp, fine locks, keep clicking.

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