You know what they say, those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones!

E! News caught up with Ellen DeGeneres last night at the premiere of Finding Dory in Hollywood and the comedienne found herself in a bit of a pickle while playing a quick memory game with us.

"I do have a bad memory but go ahead," the star of the highly anticipated Disney sequel told us."

And when asked by Sibley Scoles who's more forgetful—between Ellen or Portia De Rossi—the daytime talk show host spilled, "She is? I think she is."

OK, fair enough, onto the next question…And while after a few quick rounds, it looked like Ellen was ready to end the game on a high note, until the ultimate brain-buster stumped her!

When asked to reveal the date of her wedding anniversary to her longtime partner, the comedienne was all too quick to reply with a date which may or may not have been right on the money.

We'll let you watch and find out for yourself in the video clip above!

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