Bindi Irwin, Instagram


Quick, someone get help! Bindi Irwin is getting out of control! Ha, just kidding.

The 17-year-old Aussie sweetheart may constantly be in the wild, but she's not necessarily a wild one. And knowing that is what prompted her latest and hilarious Instagram poking fun at the fact that she's never gone through the crazy teen stage that many others seem to go through.

With a photo of herself standing behind a sign that read, "Service Area. Do Not Enter," Bindi jokingly wrote, "Everyone always asked when my rebellious years would hit. Well, now you know. #Rebel #ReadTheSign #PrettyMuchWild"

She's adorable.

While Bindi has steered away from trouble (which is a good thing!) and led a life that seems to be much different than your ordinary teen, there is one thing she's experiencing that many of us remember—teen love.

Irwin has been dating boyfriend Chandler Powell for several years, and she can't help but adorably gush about her beau. "I'm really lucky. I have the best boyfriend," she previously told E! News. "Chandler is still with me, and we've been together quite a few years now, and I'm lucky."

Sigh. Now all that's missing are the doodles on her binder.

Still, her relationship isn't rebellious in the slightest, because Chandler has the stamp of approval. When E! News asked her mother Terri, how the late Steve Irwin would feel about his daughter's relationship, she told us, "I think because Chandler's a nice person and really kind to Bindi that he'd be very happy."

Bindi, you're doing it right.

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