Who knew Dwayne Johnson was so, well, flexible?

When E! News recently sat down with The Rock and his Central Intelligence co-star Kevin Hart, we asked them to interview each other.

Hart asked his pal about the weirdest rumor he has ever heard about himself.

"Weirdest rumor—that I could pick up a grape without using my hands, my feet or my mouth," Johnson said. "Here's the thing, it ain't a rumor."

Hart was, no surprise, a bit taken aback.

"Think about it that for a second," Johnson said. "Don't use my hands, my mouth or my feet but I can pick up a grape!"

Hart shot back, "Alright, brother, I'm not going to ask if you got a clamp on your balls. I don't know what's going on."

Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson, Central Intelligence

Clare Folger/Warner Bros. Entertainment

The two obviously have great comedic chemistry. You must watch the video above to see Johnson and Hart impersonate each other. It's genius!

Central Intelligence is in theaters on June 17.

Johnson does show his naked butt in the movie.

"I remember sitting at the table and the question was, 'Are you going to show your butt in this movie?' and I was like, 'Nah,'" Johnson says. "[But then] Kevin was like, 'Yes. You should.'"

Johnson cracked, "It got a little uncomfortable."

"I told him, 'The audience that we want wants your butt,'" Hart added. "If they wanted my butt, I would give them my butt. They don't want my butt."

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