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Chrome Hearts

We've been blown away by Kaia Gerber's beauty and the undoubted fact that, by the age of 14, she's already quickly following in her mom Cindy Crawford's supermodel footsteps.

So what happens when you get the two beauties in one photo shoot? They prove that they truly are the world's hottest, most badass mommy-daughter duo.

Cindy and Kaia grace the pages of Chrome Hearts magazine's latest bi-annual issue, featuring side-by-side photos that show the hot mama wearing a dominatrix-type bodysuit while her daughter poses in jeans and a sweatshirt that says "Cindy Crawford." Underneath Kaia's image you can see the picture of her mother, perhaps a symbol of the teen taking on her mom's superstar status.

Cindy Crawford, Kaia Gerber

Chrome Hearts Magazine

While the spread also features several photos of Cindy, we're dying over the picture above, revealing the two girls staring at each other lovingly.

Cindy loves working with her daughter. In fact, she's often talked about Kaia's success so far in the fashion world and how she hopes to see her continue to grow, as influenced by her own hard work.

"To show our kids that, yes, you can make a career out of doing what you love," she told Chrome Hearts. "But there's some days where it still sucks. It's still work, and that you do it anyway. That's like a life internship for them—watching us."

Previously, Cindy and Kaia have posed together on the cover of Vogue Paris. Kaia signed with agency IMG Models in 2015 and appeared in a Vogue Italia photo spread and also posed for CR Fashion Book with her brother later that year.

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