Erin Andrews, J.J. Watt, 2016 CMT Awards

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It was a hot and sizzling night in Nashville, and all of country music was there to pay respect to their best and brightest.

And then there was J.J. Watt and Erin Andrews. They may not really have anything to do with banjos or acoustic guitars or cowboy hats, but they do make an adorable duo. And, we have to imagine, that's exactly why they were tapped to host the 2016 CMT Music Awards. Not only are they easy on the eyes as a pair, but they have a great chemistry. 

As can be expected, plenty of awards and performances highlighted the show, with the likes of Keith UrbanCarrie Underwood and even Pitbull taking the stage. But Watts and Andrews may have straight-up stolen the show. At least if you can into account charisma and wardrobe alone. (Yes, J.J. wore his share of tailored tuxes.) Read on to hear about their most adorable moments together.

Where's my glam squad?

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In the tradition of many an awards show before them, Watt and Andrews opened the night with a fun digital short. It showed them making their way through CMT HQ in search of everything they needed for their big hosting gig, and ended with their glam squad—or, should we say, their nonexistent glam squad. Who knew that J.J. Watt was such a diva when it comes to hair and makeup? As Erin exclaimed, "Where's my glam squad?" is the last thing she thought she would hear J.J. Watt say. Luckily for them, Billy Ray Cyrus was there to help out with a much-needed mullet.

 Never drink out of an unmarked bottle.

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During their opening monologue, the pair went on and on about fielding countless bribes from people just hoping to get a piece of the action. Like the bottle of moonshine whiskey gifted to JJ! How delicious! He took a swig, just as Erin read the card: "JJ, for you next hunting trip, here's some buck urine." Well, that'll teach you, J.J. 

Rookie Mistakes.

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As many people may know, this is J.J. Watt's first time on a stage like the CMT Awards. This is not Erin Andrew's first time. As such, she took the liberty of giving him a few tips—or, rather, she took the liberty of pointing out every time he made a rookie mistake. Like how he brought his Texans teammates to be his cheering section, only to have them stab him in the back with seatful of Erin signs. Or when he failed to recognize Chewbacca Mom in the audience. 

Mean Tweet Battle.

As Erin put, people on the Internet can be harsh. But that harshness can also be funny, if you filter it through the right person. Enter J.J. and Erin's mean tweet session, in which they read each other blistering online reviews of themselves. Like "Maybe if you finally find a girlfriend, you'll stop pulling your own groin." Or "You're so good at your job that I wanna barf." Wait, what? And then there was "I saw that photo of your glittering abs; put a shirt on you self-absorbed meat stick!" To which J.J. battled back, "Guys, can you believe that I get to host the CMT Awards with Erin Andrews? #DreamComeTrue." Yep, you read those right...J.J. Watt sucks at burns. 

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