Yolanda Hadid, Book

St. Martin's Press

Yolanda Hadid has openly shared her rocky journey with Lyme disease with all of her fans through social media, and even on her show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, yet, her diagnosis still drew a number of doubters who speculated the severity of her illness.

Well, Hadid has a lot to say about that. In fact, she's written an entire book about dealing with her "invisible disability."

In Believe Me: My Battle with the Invisible Disability of Lyme Disease, Yolanda "speaks about the never-before-revealed intimate details of her personal journey, treatments, the far-reaching consequences of her illness, and how her children have been her reason to continue to fight through the darkest days of her life," according to the release.

"She speaks candidly about the strain her illness put on her previously picture-perfect life. While doctors continued to dismiss her pain and friends debated her health diagnosis, Yolanda realized her mission and higher purpose of her journey is to use her newfound platform to educate, and bring awareness to the stigma surrounding chronic Lyme in order to bring hope to other sufferers who have been misdiagnosed and battling the invisible disability of chronic disease in general."

Hadid, who filed for divorce from husband David Foster in January, recently revealed that two of her children, Anwar Hadid and Bella Hadid, also suffer from Lyme disease, which continued to draw skepticism from even her Housewives co-stars.

With this book, Hadid is hoping to not only wash away whatever doubt may be placed on her disability, but also create a conversation about treatment and support for those who may also have the chronic illness.

"I am determined to find a cure affordable for all," Hadid told People, who first reported on her book release. "And it has been my dream to write a book to share all the treatments, knowledge, and spiritual growth I have acquired these past four years. As I've said previously, it's my Dutch foundation that gives me the balls and courage to share my raw and unedited story with the world! By sharing my journey in this book, I hope to offer a voice and encouragement to people who are ill and find themselves struggling while uncovering the mystery of chronic disease."

Believe Me is slated for a February 2017 release.

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