Get ready for some naked time with Dwayne Johnson.

Not only did The Rock show his naked butt on HBO's Ballers, but he's doing the same in his and Kevin Hart's new comedy, Central Intelligence.

"I remember sitting at the table and the question was, 'Are you going to show your butt in this movie?' and I was like, 'Nah,'" Johnson says. "[But then] Kevin was like, 'Yes. You should.'"

Johnson cracked, "It got a little uncomfortable."

"I told him, 'The audience that we want wants your butt,'" Hart added. "If they wanted my butt, I would give them my butt. They don't want my butt."

CEntral Intelligence, Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart

Claire Folger/Warner Bros.

In the film, the Johnson plays Bob Stone, a CIA agent who was bullied for being overweight when he was in high school. He enlists the help of a former classmate (an accountant played by Hart) to help him save the U.S. satellite system from getting into the wrong hands.

Hart joked—at least we thinking he was joking—that he recently used a "white butt" in an upcoming movie. "I didn't [think] people would be able to tell the difference," he said, adding, "It was a quick breeze-by. It was hard to find a guy my size to butt double me so we ordered a white butt double. We had to tech it down so it comes off burgundy."

Central Intelligence is in theaters on June 17.

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