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A recent study has pretty much concluded that celebrities may or may not be responsible for your occasional food baby. To think, this whole time we thought it was carbs! Actually, it could still be carbs as it's the food and drinks celebs endorse that appears to be responsible for some of our weight gain. In the discussion of their study titled, Popular Music Celebrity Endorsements in Food and Nonalcoholic Beverage Marketing, the researchers note, "Obesity has become such a pressing public health issue that society must acknowledge the human suffering and costs associated with diabetes, obesity, and associated comorbidities. Musicians, actors, and other celebrities can be tremendously influential, particularly for the young fan base that may be swayed by their endorsements." In other words, when fans see a celeb they like endorsing junk food, they may be more inclined to consume it. Seems about right! Can't say we didn't want to go out and buy a Pepsi after those epic Britney Spears commercials of our youth. 

The research found celebs like Britney,, Justin Timberlake and Maroon 5, endorse food and drinks the most. Not saying these endorsements make them bad people, as they're just doing their jobs. It's just something to think about next time you want to reach for that sugary Snapple, backed Adam Levine and the gang. 

Speaking of those ads, we had to wonder what other celebs endorsed food that was crazy bad for you. Not surprisingly, we also found a significant number of big stars that backed fast food, sodas, and other gut busters. To prove it, we rounded up a list of the weirdest, celebrity food and drink endorsements you totally forgot about. They're hilarious, super random, and some are for sure unhealthy. As long as there are Hot Pockets and sodas, however, we're going to devour them celeb endorsement or not. Just being honest!

Paris Hilton's Carl's Jr. ad will go down in history, but we're willing to guess she didn't get her toned bod from inhaling burgers all day. 

Ozzy Osbourne and I Can't Believe It's Not Butter go together like peanut butter and pickles.  Maybe he really was into baking, but we can't believe that. Talk about a random endorsement. 

Maroon 5 backs Snapple and even went as far as helping develop flavors from the looks of this video.

Again, we highly doubt Brit got her bangin' bod from drinking a bottle of Pepsi a day. 

File this under 'stupidest endorsement ever.' EMOJIS CAN'T EAT PISTACHIOS CUZ THEY AREN'T REAL THINGS. C'mon guys! 

We totally bought Pop Chips because of Katy Perry's endorsement. This commercial is a different story, though. 

Taylor Swift's Diet Coke commercial was so cute, we forgot she was endorsing a sugary soda. 

Forget Snoop and Kate Upton, Larry King endorsing Hot Pockets makes as much sense as an antelope wearing Crocs. 

What's hilarious about this healthy Activia ad, is that Shakira also did Pepsi commercials back in the day. Kind of an oxymoron, wouldn't you say? 

Carrie Underwood backed Hershey's in this clip but also endorsed Vitamin Water. Both great things, but see above statement about oxymorons. 

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