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Sneaky, sneaky. Facebook is testing out a function that has the potential to be low-key creepy but also useful. If you've ever wanted to share someone's post with your friends but didn't feel right tagging all of them to the comments section, this possible update is for you. For example, if the Burger King Whopperito gets a national release, and they post about it to their Facebook page, you can share that post on the DL with your tight-knit group of fast food-loving pals, and no one has to know. It may also work if you want to tag your friends to that Babe McBaberson you've been unsuccessfully DM'ing for the past week. No, thanks. 

Social Times, after a reader sent them a screen shot of the test, also notes, you can send a quiet notification to ten friends at a time. Facebook told the site, "When you make a post that is particularly interesting to certain friends, you want to make sure they see it. Instead of tagging friends in the post or the comments section, we're testing a more discreet option to alert them of your post by sending them a notification." TechCrunch says, your friends will not be lead to your profile once they click on the post in which they were discreetly notified.

This update appears to be meant to get rid of the need to constantly tag your friends in comment sections. We do not know if this will roll out for everyone soon but we think it's worth a try. Sometimes you just don't want everyone to see that you've been tagged in a meme that blatantly makes fun of your Taco Bell addiction, amiright? 

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