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The summer of breakups continues its fateful reign.

All over Hollywood, relationships are ending. Maybe it's the warm weather, maybe it's just the way the planets are aligned, but love is not exactly in the air right now. And when celebrities call it quits, there are certain ways events can transpire. It's not really fair to label breakup reactions as better or worse than others, since each person's pain is so unique to them, but it's hard not to notice that some people have much more of a command of the situation than others; it's an aura they carry around with them that says, look at me now.

And yes, we're talking about Taylor Swift's squad. Her gaggle of girlfriends have been a little down and out in the love department lately, with several ladies finding themselves on the business end of a breakup. But no matter! Because they are still some of the fiercest, most badass gals in Hollywood, boyfriend or not. We could all stand to cull a few lessons from their auras of confidence, just to store up that knowledge for the next time we're unlucky in love. 

Because after all, there's really no better reaction to seeing someone step out post-breakup than spontaneously uttering, damn girl. And thus we give you the Taylor Swift Squad Guide to Being a Badass After a Breakup. Just don't try to say it five times fast. 

Swallow Your Pride. 
Say what? That can't be possible; the first step to channeling The Squad in its most badass form is to swallow your pride? But it is. Being admirably awesome isn't about letting your ego grow ten times its size, it's about being sensitive to the situation first and foremost, and only flaunting yourself and your breakup if and when appropriate. Take our squad leader, Taylor; she may be the queen of the revenge album, but in the immediate aftermath of a relationship's end she knows how to keep a head on her shoulders. (It could also be argued that she's grown up so much since the last time we saw a breakup play out on an album that we might not even get our oh-so-coveted revenge track this time around).

It's been days since the world learned of her split from Calvin Harris, and we have yet to hear a peep from Swift publicly. She also did what only a person much bigger than we could: She (gasp!) retweeted a statement from her ex. That says she not only agrees with his words about the two of them having a huge amount of love and respect for each other, but she is still calm and collected enough to keep up with his goings-ons. That's powerful stuff, people. 

Hit the Town.

Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner


Gigi Hadid, meet Da Club. Da Club, meet Gigi Hadid. After she split with (former) boyfriend Zayn Malik, the model wasted no time at all before she started in on the fun. In fact, before the rest of the world could even confirm the breakup with 100% certainty, she was out on the town with Kendall Jenner. They hit (shocker) The Nice Guy in West Hollywood, and one can assume plenty of dancing and general merriment occurred. 

Sure, it's easy to succumb to the couch potato lifestyle when a relationship ends, with a freezer full of ice cream as your bartender and an endless Netflix queue your DJ. But that's not nearly as fun, nor does it offer the exposure and opportunities to be "inadvertently" caught having the time of your life. Just look at Gigi heading into the bar, see-through pants and crop top and all; is that the face of someone who is anything less than a baller? No it is not.

Confide in Your Friends and Loved Ones.

Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid


You've got your nights planned out, but what's a newly single Taylor Swift squad member to do during daylight hours? That's when you give the soul its greatest nourishment: Family and friends. Its benefit are twofold: You can confide in your loved ones and work out all your sadness and anger without the high price of a therapist, and you can ever-so-subtly remind your ex that...guess what? have a beautiful circle around you and probably don't even miss what's-his-name. Gigi took to watching movies in bed and lunch dates with Kendall, as well as some good old Dad Time and, most importantly, commiserating with the also-recently-single Swift.

A source told E! News that, "Gigi and Taylor are actually confiding in each other as best friends during this time," adding "They can really relate." There's truly no better person to run to during a breakup than Taylor Swift; just imagine getting a personal performance of "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together." Instant problem-solver. Texting Taylor Swift may not be the most realistic course of action for people who are not members of her squad, but the secret is finding the Taylor in your own life. 

Dress for Success.

Gigi Hadid, Guys Choice 2016

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Post-breakup success, that is. Looking at all of Gigi Hadid's appearances since the news of her split broke, as well as Taylor Swift's duds at the wedding she attended this weekend, it's clear that breakups look good on them. We're not going to speculate on their inner intentions, but it's hard not to see someone stepping out with a killer wardrobe and not think that it's some sort of nod to her recent breakup.

Consider it the sartorial version of the revenge body; instead of killing yourself (unnecessarily, we might add) at the gym, throw all your energy into your closet. Have a baller dress that you've been too shy to wear? Now is the time. When Gigi stepped out with the above ensemble at this weekend's Guy's Choice Awards, we guarantee that no one was thinking about that One Direction guy...what's-his-name. The same goes for Taylor and this stunning frock—to which an apology should also be thrown out to the bride, because you got overshadowed, girl. 

Taylor Swift


Don't Feel Forced to Stay Mum. 
Make like Taylor and swallow your pride, sure, but there's something to be said for, well, saying something. When you want to speak your mind in a classy way, we say speak your damn mind! Taylor Swift's Squad says so, too, even if their fearless leader has recently chosen the silent treatment. At the aforementioned Guy's Choice Awards, Hadid was honored with the prestigious (or something) New Girlfriend Award, and took the opportunity to throw a teeny, tiny amount of shade Zayn's way. 

During her acceptance speech, she explained that she originally meant to tell a joke about a time she was mean to a crush as a child, but that "You know what? I have always been kind of like a good girlfriend. Even in middle school when I've had crushes, I've always been like kind of nice!" If you can read between the lines, then her ex-boyfriend definitely can. 

Make a Rock-Solid Self-Empowerment Album.

Selena Gomez, Revival


Breakup albums are old hat; Yo Go Girl albums are the new, hot thing. Take Selena Gomez's Revival, quite possibly the best post-relationship gospel of all time. She and former flame Justin Bieber had so many on-again, off-again moments that it's tricky to nail down her exact post-breakup patterns, but this fall's album release was a definitely after-Bieber move. And while there were a few sly references to that former boyfriend ("Same Old Love," with its lines like "Take away your things and go/ You can't take back what you said" and "I"m not spending any time/ Wasting tonight on you" is hard to ignore), it's mostly about how far she's come since that relationship.

Take in lyrics like "I'll walk through the fire/ I'll begin again" and "What I've learned is so vital/ More than just survival/ This is my revival" and try not to gasp at the pure badassery. Seriously, the only reaction one can have is you go, girl

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