Burger King


Nothing can save humanity now. Suddenly Taco Bell isn't the only creator of insane fast-foods. McDonald's, Pizza Hut and now Burger King are getting dramatic with their junk food. If you think you've seen it all lately, you are mistaken, my friend. BK, home of the Whopper, rolled out the Whopperrito, and it's sure to destroy your stomach from the inside out. If you haven't already guessed why they've decided to give it that name, we'll tell you. The new item is actually a Whopper (yes, like the famous hamburger), rolled into a tortilla. Byeee!

GrubGrade gave us the first look above, saying it's currently available in the town of Hermitage in Pennsylvania. In other words, it looks like they're just testing it out for now. We're not sure if it should stay that way, or if we like the possibility of seeing a national release.

The Whoppers beef, tomatoes, lettuce, ketchup, mayo, cheese, onions and pickles are packed into burrito form for your gorging pleasure. Is this actually delicious? Or just a clever way to sell Whopper scraps when your burger accidentally falls out of the bun? We may never know. 

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