Sprint Paul


Shade alert! In a bold (and charmingly nostalgic) move, cell provider Sprint snagged the former Verizon guy from those "Can you hear me now?" commercials of our youth. Seriously, who doesn't think of those ads any time you hear that phrase? We still do, TBH. Anyhoo, the former Verizon "Test Man" is named Paul and he has officially switched carriers in this hilariously shade-filled new ad. Now in a yellow tee and new pair of glasses, Paul plays himself in the new spot. From the looks of things, he's come a long way since selling spotty flip phones and wearing drab jackets. Does anyone else think he's like 900 times chicer than we remember? We can hear you now, Paul!

The actor, last name Marcarelli, starred in Verizon's OG commercials from 2002 until 2010, back when we had to hold our cell phones to the sky to get service. Side note: did this ever work for anybody!? Wikipedia also notes, he has done commercials for Old Navy, Dasani and Heineken to name a few. IMDb says he's been keeping busy since the days of flip phones, producing and writing a number of works as well. Catch the new ad above and tell us that friendly face doesn't secretly want to make you reconsider your cell phone provider. For nostalgia's sake, maybe Sprint will cover the Motorola Razr they're supposedly bringing back?

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