Justin Bieber, Justmojis


Every celebrity and their butt is an emoji these days, and it is just a thrilling time to be alive. Justin Bieber is no exception, as we welcome his Justmojis into the mix. From toned abs and shirtless snaps to song lyrics and legal mishaps (call us for a collab, JB, we rhymed that just for you), his emojis can say it all. These bad boys just came out today and even found themselves trending on Twitter. In addition to emojis, users can send plaid-wearing Justin's holding a sign (à la "What Do You Mean") with customizable text. Yeah, sold.

That being said, we've got a life-changing list of Justmojis you can use to solve any of your upcoming first world problems. Egged a house and need to say sorry? Contemplating bleached dreads but don't want to appropriate culture? There's a Justmoji for that. When you find yourself without the right words to say, rely on the nine Justmojis above to get you through the day. 

1. When it's time to spice up your sexting game - Sick of using that purple eggplant? Until we get that new set of sextual emojis, we suggest using Bieber in a purple jacket instead. Nothing says 'baby, baby, baby oooh' like some Bieber side tongue and that slicked back hair. 

2. When you get busted for egging a house and you need to apologize in a big way. Forget sitting by the fire while you eat fondue. Apologize with his "Sorry" cartoon emoji. So nifty. 

3. When you need a quick #TBT but your phone can't hold any more photos. We recommend just posting the tween Bieber emoji. You know, the one with his OG swoopy haircut? Nobody's even gonna notice it's not you. 

4. When your friend asks if they should get bleached dreads and you want to be supportive. Boom. Nothing like a "Never Say Never" song lyric emoji to get your point across. 

5. When you look in the mirror and realize your brows are presently on undeniable fleek. 'Surprised-brows-black-hat' Justmoji to the rescue! Perfect for when you're at your desk and catch a glimpse in your computer monitor. You can't take a selfie because awkward so Instagraming a screenshot of this emoji is your next best option. 

6. When you just want to walk around in the park and feed some squirrels with no shoes. Sending the 'barefoot Bieber' Justmoji is the easiest way to tell your friends that you need some time alone to contemplate if it really is too late to say sorry. 

7. When you want people to pay attention to you in group text but you broke all of your fingers taking selfies at the Bieber concert. Use your toe to send his 'stare-at- my-abs' Justmoji to your posse of pals. All the attention in group chat will be on you in an instant. 

8. When you're trying to rock out to "Ironic" in private but your mom walks in and tells you to clean your room. It's no secret JB and Alanis Morissette are fans of each other's music. You might be too! Next time mom decides to barge in on your jam time, send her the 'giving-side-eye' Justmoji to let her know what she did wasn't cool.

9. When you look in the mirror, and you realized you wore this exact hat in yesterday's selfie. You just committed social suicide. Seriously, how could you? Let the world know you know you made a big mistake with this 'Biebs-makes-a-horrified-face-in-a-hat' Justmoji. First world problems solved!

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