Johnny Depp, Tina Deleuran

Tina Deleuran

Johnny Depp has yet to publicly address his ongoing divorce or Amber Heard's domestic violence allegations against him, but he hasn't completely gone off the grid.

The 52-year-old actor and musician is currently touring Europe with his band The Hollywood Vampires, and on Wednesday night, he went to an after-party at a bar in Denmark. Multiple outlets reported him as being spotted with a "mystery blonde." E! News has learned her identity—she's makeup artist/hair stylist Tina Deleuran—and here's what she had to say about her meeting with Depp at Under Masken (which means Under the Mask).

"I had just come from a concert, my friend Robert had played a gig. It was around 1:30 am," Deleuran explained. "We were sitting having a beer when we noticed him and his friends. We were like, 'Wow, Johnny Depp is here.'"

"We all started talking and eventually we went outside with them," she said of Depp and his entourage. "He had a bottle of champagne. He shared it with us and he rolled out a cigarette that he shared with me. Amazing right?"

"At one point, his bodyguard asked him if it was time to go back to the hotel," Deleuran recalled. "Johnny said no, he wanted to stay and go back inside. Then he gave him a hug. It wasn't a fight. Not at all. It was a very calm, very quiet evening."

Depp "didn't drink that much," said Deleuran. "I don't know, maybe two beers and a gin and tonic. And then a sip of the champagne."

She said the group left "maybe around 3 a.m.," noting that Depp "made up his own mind to leave. I think he was tired after the gig."

Deleuran said she and her friends "didn't know anything about the allegations," and that Depp "didn't talk about it at all."

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