ESC: Emily Ratajkowski, Metalic Flats

Vince Flores/

We like a touch of metallic as much as the next gal, mostly because of the way a hint of sparkle jazzes up any old outfit.

But when we're talking about casual summer style, we have to ask ourselves, how much glitter is too much glitter? While you'd be right to pull out your gold loafers for a concert like Rosamund Pike, you'd be equally as good to go if you laced-up your gold flatforms to run around town with Dakota Fanning.

The takeaway? A good metallic shoe adds the perfect amount of glitter to any and all summer outfits. 

A gold loafer is basically a glorified slipper. While it's true that the metallic shimmer fancies it up a bit, it's best to save this version for your more casual outings, like Emily Ratajkowski. Whether your brunch uniform is a simple jeans and T-shirt combo or lightweight layers like the model's, these shoes will add that low-key polish that you're looking for.

ESC:  Dakota Fanning, Metalic Flats

W Blanco / AKM-GSI

Leave it to Dakota to take a pair of gold lace-ups and dress them down as much as humanly possible. On its own, a V-neck and short-shorts is pretty basic, but the outfit is exponentially elevated with a little height and flash of gold. If you have to be somewhere after running errands, a blazer or another tailored jacket would take it up a notch. 

ESC: Demi Moore, Metalic Flats

Jeff Spicer/WireImage

Whether it's the first time or the millionth, meeting the in-laws never gets easier. You want to look covered up, but still feel like yourself (read: cool), so how do you do it? Add a trendy pair of metallic loafers into the mix, just like Demi Moore. This way, you look sophisticated without looking like a stick in the mud.


ESC: Krysten Ritter, Metalic Flats

Ray Tamarra/GC Images

So you want to dress like a boss, but you still want to retain a touch of your personal style. For a compromise between boring business attire and casual-cool weekend wear, a plated metallic shoe adds just the right amount of drama. It still acts as a neutral, so, luckily, the shoe works whether you are wearing a classic suit or a slit skirt like Krysten Ritter.

ESC: Rosamund Pike, Metalic Flats

David M. Benett/Getty Images for M.i.h Jeans

You know those times when you just want to edge up a basic look, but don't want to compromise comfort? Yeah, a leather jacket gets the job done, but for an extra flair, throw on a pair of gold loafers to personalize your look. Paired with dark skinnies and a concert tee, it's still casual but not the same-old-same-old that everyone else is sporting.

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