Spoiler alert: You're old. Wanna know the latest reason why? Because the 100th Disney Channel Original Movie is upon us. Yes, there are now 100 DCOMs in existence, spanning from the late '90s to 2016, when Adventures in Babysitting will premiere on June 24.

Adventures in Babysitting is a reimagining/remake of the '80s classic, and stars the Disney Channel's own Sabrina Carpenter (Girl Meets World) and Sofia Carson (The Descendants) as two dueling babysitters who must race against time and hunt down one of their charges who managed to sneak away somehow. Naturally, hijinks will ensue.

The adventure begins when Carpenter's straitlaced Jenny and Carson's rebel Lola accidentally switch phones, and Lola accepts a babysitting job on Jenny's behalf, and eventually they'll have to face "a fire, a minor brush with the law, a major run from some bad guys, a rare sapphire ferret, green hair, a roller derby, fake tattoos, tow trucks, police station, a rap battle," among other obstacles in their attempt to locate the missing kid.

Adventures in Babysitting

Disney Channel

The movie will also recreate iconic scenes and lines from the original, which starred Elisabeth Shue, Penelope Anne Miller, Keith Coogan and Maia Brewton, so if you're looking for nostalgic nods to the '80s version have no fear.

Tomorrow, June 3, you'll be able to watch a sneak peek of the first 10 minutes of the movie on both the Disney Channel and Freeform apps as well as Disney Channel's YouTube and Facebook, but today, E! News has an exclusive sneak peek at the movie's first two minutes, which you can watch above.

Adventures in Babysitting premieres Friday, June 24 at 8 p.m. on Disney Channel.

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