Some people use their quick introduction time on Jeopardy! to talk about their hobbies, their families or their careers. This woman took a different approach.

And by "different approach" we mean she spent a good 30 seconds discussing the sex lives of Japanese men. No, we are not having a stroke and typing nonsense. That's actually what she talks about. It's weird. And host Alex Trebek handles it like a pro. Or how we assume a pro would handle a situation like this one.

This lucky Jeopardy! viewer captured the moment for all of us to witness (above), a moment that shall henceforth be known as "that time a woman randomly brought up the sex habits of Japanese men for no apparent reason and made Alex very uncomfortable."

While we don't know what prompted Liz to drop some sex knowledge bombs on viewers, we assume it's because she is a doctoral candidate studying anthropology and this is what she's currently researching? Why she chose to discuss the unfair representation of Japanese men and their sex habits in the mainstream media and not literally any other topic is beyond us. We're just thankful it happened at all.

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