New Emojis


A total of 72 new emojis will be making an appearance in just a few short days. June 21 is quickly approaching, and we couldn't be more excited for this update. At least, they might be out by then. Emojipedia also notes, the approval date for the new emojis (also referred to as Unicode 9.0) appears to be June 21. It is then, platforms like your iPhone can publicly release them into the world. 

It seems like everyone is upping their emoji game these days, including Facebook Messenger and even Android phones. In case you forgot, we introduced you to the new additions last year, including but not limited to bacon, a selfie arm and a glass of whiskey. Well done, emoji! Well done. A preview of some mock-ups done by Emojiepedia can also be seen below.


After drooling over each new set in anticipation, we couldn't help but notice just how many phallic-themed emojis the update will contain. In other words, it's about to spice up your sexts on a whole new level. Let's face it; we were all getting a tad bored with the eggplant emoji during sexty time, amiright? We came up with a handy list of all the emojis you can use to replace that tired old Aubergine. 

Write this down, friends. The potato, pickle, carrot, croissant (not all are created equal, okay?), baguette, peanut, shrimp and squid are you new sext friends. Honestly, that squid, though. Get serious. 

Don't worry; other body parts are included as well. An avocado, kiwi and a nifty little salad are coming your way. What a time to be alive, my friends! What a time to be alive.   

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