Kate Moss, David Bowie

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Kate Moss is still struggling to comprehend the loss of two superstars and people she considered close friends: David Bowie and Prince.

In an interview with Net-A-PORTER's weekly's luxury digital magazine, The Edit, the supermodel opens up about the fond memories she shared with the icons.

Talking about Bowie, she explained that his support meant more to her than anything else. "I knew he would always have my back," she said. "There are people who believe in you, that don't give a s--t what people say. And [Bowie] was one of them. He would read [or] he heard stuff, and he would check in, 'Are you alright?' When Bowie [sticks up for you], you feel better: 'It's fine, Bowie loves me, I don't care what others think.'"

Thus, upon news of his untimely death, Moss couldn't help but feel a bit broken.

"It was such a shock," she admitted. "I can't believe it really."

She recalled the last time she reached out to him, "I hadn't seen him for a while, but he always sends me a message on my birthday, well, he has done for the last few years. [Two days before he died] I was wearing [Ziggy Stardust-esque] purple boots to dinner, and somebody said, 'Are you wearing those because it's Bowie's birthday?' And I was like, oh my God, I've got to do something. So I sent him a video – 'Happy birthday DB' on a big piece of paper, and then I did Mr Bojangles behind it, hiding. I don't know if he got it."

Kate Moss, The Edit Magazine

Chris Colls for The EDIT

Prince was another important person in Moss' life—more of an idol than anything else. In fact, when she first met him, she admits she was quite taken back.

"I was really, really star-struck when I met Prince," she revealed. "[It was] with Donatella [Versace]; I was lying down on Donatella's bed, in her suite, and she was talking about him, and I was like, 'Why do you keep talking about Prince?' And she went, 'He's there!' I sat up, and he was sitting at the end of the bed."

She continued, "Oh my god, I couldn't talk. Or look at him, really.  [But then] I was like, 'You should buy one of these catsuits, they're amazing!' You know, it was that sequin all-in-one catsuit I was wearing."

Check out a behind the scenes video from her photo shoot with The Edit below.

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