The concept of meditation is simple enough, but finding one's zen is easier said than done—just ask Lena Dunham!

The Girls creator can write, direct, produce, act and everything in between, but she is completely incapable of turning off her thoughts. In a Vogue video called "The Lena Dunham Guide to Meditation," she attempts—and hilariously fails—to relax.

After only a few seconds of trying to focus and breathe, Lena's boyfriend Jack Antonoff interrupts her thoughts. "Should we do like Thai tonight?" he asks, then proceeds to do a solo imitation of Lady and the Tramp's spaghetti-slurping scene. This prompts Lena to wonder, "Are Jack and I ready for adulthood? What if we have kids and it all goes wrong?"

The worries don't stop there—Lena begins to question, "Am I neglecting my friendships?" Her creative partner appears to introduce her replacement, and that replacement tells Lena that a bunny will be taking over the role of Hannah on Girls. "We actually polled the audience and they can't even tell the difference between her and you," she says.

Jemima Kirke gets in the way of namaste when she grills Lena on the Girls script. That gets Lena wondering, "What am I going to do after Girls ends?"

Lena mulls over some out-there ideas, but her mind can't settle on one. Her mind races at a maddening pace until finally, Lena's attempt at meditation ends up with her eating a "bakers dozen" of cheeseburgers in bed.

Watch for yourself in the Vogue video above.

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