Princess Charlotte, Prince George, Duchess Catherine, Prince William

HRH Duchess of Cambridge

Although they bear a very royal title, Prince George and Princess Charlotte are living a rather normal childhood.

Vanity Fair digs into the life Kate Middleton and Prince William have created for their two children in order to ensure their well-being as they continue to grow. Along with a look into their lives at Anmer Hall, the piece reveals some new information about the two kiddos that we've never known before.

From their day-to-day rituals to their favorite shows, here are 8 things we just learned about Prince George and Princess Charlotte:

Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince George, Princess Charlotte


1. They Could Get a Sibling: Rumors are swirling that Kate and Will won't wait long before trying for another baby. "They want at least three kids and for them to be close in age," a source tells Vanity Fair.

2. Princess Charlotte Is a Good Baby: She's slept through the night since she was 3 months old, and she took her first steps right before her first birthday.

3. George Is "Lively" and "Noisy": He enjoys riding ponies, playing with animals, jumping in puddles, painting and racing his toy tractor around the house.

4. He Already Knows What He Likes: His favorite book right now is The Gruffalo, by Julia Donaldson, and his Favorite TV series is Fireman Sam. He also loves french fries (not so much vegetables).

Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Christmas Card

Chris Jelf /Kensington Palace via Getty Images

5. Mom Always Cooks Dinner: While the siblings have a maid and a nanny, they do not have a chef. Kate often cooks the family dinner and serves it straight from the pot to the table.

6. They're Tucked in Every Night: Both Will and Kate Switch off giving the kids a bath and tucking them in at night, rarely missing the opportunity to do so unless they are traveling for royal duties.

7. Dad Is Focused on Giving Them a Normal Childhood: Will has been criticized for not making enough royal appearances, but he has explained he is focused on fatherhood. "I'm concentrating very much on my role as a father," he said in a BBC TV interview in April. "I'm a new father and I take my duties and my responsibilities to my family very seriously and I want to bring my children up as good people with the idea of service and duty to others as very important. But if I can't give my time to my children as well, I worry about their future."

8. Things Will Soon Change: Though the family has been enjoying their time on the countryside, royal insiders say things will likely change this year as the Queen hands more duties over to Prince William and Prince Harry. This could mean they will eventually move back to London, but for now they are focused on building a stable and happy foundation for their children.

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